Upgraded data sheet function – now also in german language!

,17 januari, 2017

You have the possibility to cruise around amongst the appr. 500 official data sheets with processing parameters & SDS connected to the data base. You can filter by  Products (material family), Generic symbols, Fillers and Features. As from now – also side by side comparisons of two or three different materials is possible.

Try out the new function “ADVANCED SEARCH” where you can search for maximum eight different technical parametrars  – quite useful when for instance looking for a material within a specific interval of MFI, Flexural modulus & Charpy.

Polykemi is constantly developing new versions of our customer adapted compounds and thus our product range consist of  many more materials than the ones in this data base, so if you do not find what you are looking for – please do contact your sales repr. and we will help you out. Finally despite comprehensive testing of the data base, “bugs” may occur, and if this should happen -thanks for sending an e-mail to Mr Karl Banke – all so we can extend and improve the data base even furtherly.