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Major investment brings totally new recycling opportunities

A new investment allows Polykemi and subsidiary Rondo Plast to handle completely new material sources and thus help suppliers and customers increase their recycling ratio even further – a big win for both the climate and the economy.

Ystad-based Rondo Plast has invested almost one million euros in a new plastic compactor, that compresses production waste, and a new cutting machine. With its capacity to process more than 4,000 tonnes of material per year, the plastic compactor provides the company with new possibilities.

“Thanks to the investment, we can now handle more recyclable plastic fractions and production waste from our suppliers than before,” says Patrik Lindqvist, strategic buyer at Rondo Plast.

“In some cases, this type of material was previously discarded as combustible waste, but now we can upgrade and reuse it in our production of high-quality recycled plastic compounds.” 

The conveyor belt takes the material to the mill and then to the compacting section.
Dust and shavings from the processing or milling of plastic parts that can now go directly into compaction.

Increased number of sources and suppliers

Since 1980, Rondo Plast has specialized in the development and manufacture of customized plastic compounds made of recycled raw materials. The new plastic compactor is located in the production site in Ystad and is the first of its kind to be acquired by Polykemi Group. The compactor processes good quality industrial waste, including fiber, ropes, non-woven, plastic film, labels, dust and shavings.

“It is a totally new production technology for us that allows us to handle a significantly wider range of materials, which we were unable to process before due to their shape or low density,” Lindqvist explains.

“It not only gives us access to more sources and increases the number of suppliers, but it is also an even more sustainable way to work.”

Part of the investment consists of an additional cutting machine that enables the handling of longer or tangled pieces of fiber and rope. This investment not only means new material sources in a usable shape in the compactor, but also increases the capacity and streamlines the general recycling activities for Rondo Plast.

Nonwoven waste from the hygiene industry, such as diaper production, which Rondo Plast can now recycle.


Polyamide fibers from production of for example clothes and carpets.


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