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Brings out the best in plastics

Get to know your plastic material

Data sheets

Deep dive into technical specifications, material properties and test methods. Download the data sheets right away, or contact us and let us guide you through the material jungle.

At your service

Polykemi’s technical support

Our experts are always close at hand from your very first question to full scale production. We’re here to answer questions, investigate possibilities, guide you through material choices or make final adjustments to the material in your production flow. We work closely with you toward your final goal.


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Latest news from Polykemi

Quality in every last detail

Customized plastic materials

Compounds tailored to suit your needs. Using deep technical knowledge and over 55 years of experience, we customize your plastic material based on the requirements of the end-product.

Material pioneers since 1968

Own production on three continents

Environmentally optimized material choices

Your present partner throughout the project

Polykemi's Materialsmart: Green control knob surrounded by greenery


Simulate your savings

Explore sustainable alternatives and calculate potential emission reductions. We have the tools to reduce your carbon footprint.

Using a comprehensive life cycle assessment (LCA) of our production facilities in Sweden, China and the USA, we are able to calculate the impact of our products right up until they are ready to leave one of our factories. This means you can compare the carbon footprint from our material and make conscious material choices.

Say hello to innovation, environmental awareness and robust tools that help you create a more sustainable operation and future.

Polykemi’s color program

Daring color matches

Close is never good enough. We find the exact color to give your material the right attitude, or which harmonizes with its surroundings. Depending on the requirements of the end product, we make sure its color will stand the test of time. We work with Pantone, RAL and visual matching.

Truck on a lonely road through autumn landscape by a lake

Fast & reliable

Worldwide production and deliveries

The best of all worlds

Materials development

Your requirements specification is crucial to the process of developing a material with the properties you need. We create new materials, modify existing materials and test their quality to find the one that suits you best.



North America

South America

The history of Polykemi

Local producer.
Global supplier.

One cold spring day, we – not us actually, but our founder – took the first step toward becoming the global player we are today. In 1968, Hugo Jönsson began production in Ystad, south coast of Sweden. Firmly convinced that the new material plastic concealed unexplored capabilities, he began to develop and modify its properties. Hugo laid the foundation to the culture and joy that drove, and still drives, our progress.

Technician at Polykemi working with production equipment
Colleagues at Polykemi in conversation with work equipment
Ola Hugosson, CEO of Polykemi, joking with coworker in the office
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