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More than 55 years of expertise

Our first mailing

Here's how it looked. Our very first mailing in conjunction with our foundation on March 1. 

Polykemi in Denmark

Just three years after our start-up, we took the first step toward our goal of establishing Polykemi outside Sweden. An agent in Denmark got us off to a flying start.


The lab

We realized early on that we needed to take advantage of our data and test results to conduct quality development work. We have always set our sights high, usually figuratively and sometimes also literally, and often from a shaky vantage point.


The oil crisis

1973 was a dramatic year. The Arab states imposed an embargo on oil exports, primarily to the United States and western Europe. The raw material price of plastic rose by almost 500 percent, which allowed us to make good profits from inventories. Our business connections also enabled us to do good business, resulting in full employment throughout the oil crisis, something that large parts of other industries struggled hard with. We increased sales by around 100 percent, and have never had higher profits in percentage terms.


A "new" factory

By January 1976, barely 6 months from the devastating fire, we had built a new factory and begun production. In conjunction with the reconstruction, we put great effort into exports and also began producing polyamide and polycarbonate compounds.


The Coup in Copenhagen

During the ”Plastic -79” trade fair in Copenhagen we did things our way. Instead of having a stand at the tradeshow venue, our four salesmen made guest appearances as bartenders in a local pub. By all accounts it was a successful sales strategy and an unforgettable evening for all concerned.



Fire breaks out at Polykemi

A major fire broke out in the factory on August 13, 1975. Just over 75 percent of our production and inventory was destroyed in the space of one day. Thanks to the wholehearted commitment of our employees and round-the-clock production for almost four months, we were able to turn the threat of liquidation into a positive development.

Hugo Jönsson founded Polykemi

Hugo started Polykemi on March 1, 1968. The company’s business idea was to manufacture and sell customer adapted plastic compounds to Scandinavian customers.


Our first factory

We opened our first factory on December 1, 1968. It had 4800 sq ft of production and warehouse space, and 1600 sq ft of office and personnel space. Work could now begin in earnest with two production lines and alternating two and three shifts.

IKEA and the iconic Ögla

IKEA’s success with its Ögla chair led to more than just a stylish piece of furniture. It was also the start of more chairs being made from the same material, our POLYfill. And not just chairs! Pretty soon the material caught the eye of the automotive industry, one of our largest customer segments today.


Early plastic recyclers

We have been able to recycle plastic since 1968, but we created our subsidiary Rondo Plast in 1980 to streamline production in our operations by letting Rondo Plast look after production based on recycled raw material. Polykemi continued production of materials based on virgin plastic. In a time when recycled plastic was not high on our customers’ wish lists, it was a means of making clear which plastic was based on what. It was also a way for us to make early investments in something we were convinced would be bigger in the future – the development of raw materials based on recycled plastic.


Rondo Plast

Polykemi in Germany

In 1990, we took a leap outside Scandinavia to found Polykemi GmbH Deutschland in Hattingen in the far west of Germany, the better to reach our European market.


Polykemi in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Europe was ready for us and just two years after starting our German subsidiary, we founded Polykemi spol. sr.o to take care of the eastern European market.



The next generation takes over

After almost 30 years at Polykemi, it was time for Hugo Jönsson to hand over to his two sons. Ola Hugoson took over as President, while Lars Hugosson became Executive Vice President. Hugo remained as Chairman of the Board.

Recognized quality

“If you stop getting better, you stop being good” is a rule we've always lived by. In 1994, we received the first recognition for our efforts, the ISO 9001 quality certificate.


Polykemi in China

We founded Polykemi Compounds in China in 2005 with an office in Shanghai. Three years later in 2008, we opened our factory in Kunshan and began production there.


Taxi to Portugal

A sudden, unexpected family trip to sunny Portugal for one of Ystad’s taxi drivers was the solution when we urgently needed to send a material sample there. The driver had time for a vacation with the family on the way home, and we laid the foundations for doing business with Iran that lasted twelve years.


Hugo Hallen (Hugo's sports hall)

Our founder Hugo Jönsson’s commitment to Ystad’s IF handball association was plain to see by anyone around. When Hugo turned 75, we celebrated by buying the disbanded Ystad Regiment’s sports hall and donating it to the association. We renamed the facility to the Hugo Hall.

Setting up foil production

In a time when Polykemi was growing fast geographically, we also grew in expertise. In 2008, we founded our Scanfill subsidiary to develop the field of foil extrusion and to make it easier for our customers to purchase plastic foil.


A minute’s silence for Hugo

On July 11, 2013, Hugo handed over his life’s work to his descendants, to manage it with the same sense of curiosity, care and joy that he had done until his last day. On that day we held a minute’s silence in memory of him and his achievements.


Polykemi in the United States

In 2013, we founded our Polykemi Inc. subsidiary in Delaware, USA, and were thus established on three continents. At that time, the subsidiary served as a sales and distribution center for the American market.

Congratulations Polykemi, 50 years!

When we turned 50, we invited customers and employees to celebrate with pomp and circumstance, and a really big party.


The Materialsmart concept

After extensive efforts, we launched Materialsmart, a concept with tools for calculating the impact of our materials on the environment and climate. The concept plays an essential part in helping our customers make informed, smart material choices.


Polykemi in Mexico

On March 1, 2023, we founded our Polykemi Mexico subsidiary in Mexico City – 55 years to the day since Hugo Jönsson founded Polykemi in 1968.


Production in the United States

With our factory in Gastonia, North Carolina, we passed a milestone we had long dreamed of – production on three continents. Opening our fifth factory brought us closer to our customers in the North American market.

Second factory in China

In less than 20 years since beginning production in China we were overjoyed to inaugurate our second factory there, this time in Chongqing in Sichuan province.

Bio-circular material

In late 2023, we were certified according to ISCC PLUS, which guarantees our customers total traceability in the production and delivery of bio-circular mass-balance plastic raw materials. A clearly essential step in our ongoing journey toward a more sustainable industry.

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