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A concept that analyzes the environmental impact of our materials and helps you make conscious material choices.

60-80 percent of a product’s total carbon footprint comes from the raw material. This is a great opportunity for you to reduce your footprint through your choice of material.

CO₂ certificate

With every material you order from us, you can get a CO₂ certificate showing the environmental impact of your specific material. Certificates are available for all our materials, both virgin and recycled.

The smart material choice

By calculating the material you choose from us, we can provide a receipt showing how big a carbon footprint your material has from extraction to our factory gates. This calculation allows you to compare different materials and evaluate possible emission savings. Choosing one virgin material over another could be one way to proceed. Choosing wholly or partly recycled raw material as the basis could be another. We’ll help you with your calculations to make smart material choices.

Sustainability Specialist &
Technical Sales

Achieve your climate goals

In 2015, the United Nations adopted the Paris Agreement, a climate treaty that states we should limit global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius. To achieve this goal, countries and companies need to set their own climate goals and work ambitiously to achieve them.

Providing our customers with the conditions to make active, informed material choices was the natural direction for us to take. And so we created the Materialsmart® concept.

Existing material




Get Materialsmart®

Simulate your CO₂ savings

We have a complete set of the tools needed to calculate the environmental footprint of the material chosen per produced component. Our calculator allows you to simulate a switch from your existing material to another of our materials and see how the different choices affect the carbon footprint. Try our overview calculator right away or contact us for an advanced analysis that will provide precise values for your unique Polykemi material.

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