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CO₂ certificates

We use the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA ISO 14040) method to evaluate the environmental aspects of our materials in both existing and planned products. The method forms the basis for the calculation tool we use for our production facilities in Sweden, China and the USA. The LCA enables us to calculate the impact of our products right up until they are ready to leave the factory.

This provides our customers with the necessary and accurate conditions to calculate their own environmental impact for each product produced – an essential factor for reducing their carbon footprint.

We help your company to make the optimal choice of materials, taking into account today’s sustainability and climate footprint demands.

Life Cycle Assessment - LCA

Once a product is on the retail store shelf, between 60 and 80 percent of its carbon footprint derives from the material it consists of. That's why manufacturers have a responsibility to make the right material choices for any given product in terms of function, weight and carbon footprint. The carbon footprint often decreases significantly when a manufacturer chooses a plastic material instead of for example metal, wood or paper.

It’s also possible to make significant emissions savings by switching from one virgin material to a different and optimized virgin material, or by replacing it with recycled material. There is an extensive range of alternative materials for both products and packaging.

Lower carbon footprint

CO₂ certificate for your material

We calculate the environmental impact of all our materials both virgin and recycled based. The certificate makes it easier for you to evaluate options based on relevant parameters such as properties, cost and the carbon footprint etc.

Once you select your material and its properties, we calculate the carbon footprint of the final material using LCA software before issuing your certificate. In terms of data and methodology, the certificate is founded on our third-party verified LCA according to ISO standards.

Speak to your Polykemi contact and let us tell you more about how to get a certificate for your specific material.

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