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Customized compounds based on high-quality, recycled raw materials

Lower carbon footprint

Consistently high quality

Not only black and grey


Sustainable pioneers

Once it has fulfilled its purpose, around one third of all plastic produced in the world is recycled to be used again. A little over one third is incinerated to produce energy. The remaining third is left as trash in places like cities, green spaces, rivers and oceans.

We can do more. The overwhelming majority of plastics are actually perfectly recyclable. The challenges are primarily technological, logistical and financial. These are challenges we’re prepared to confront.

For more than 55 years, the Polykemi Group has developed high quality recycled materials. Today, our subsidiary Rondo Plast handles the Nordic market, while Polykemi takes care of the rest of the world’s markets for recycled material.

We consider it obvious to demand the same standards of recycled raw material as virgin plastic. High-quality recycled plastic materials reduce the carbon footprint, retain material properties and maintain economy of production.

Fredrik Holst, Product Manager Recycled Materials
Our products

Product range from recycled plastic

Our range of high-quality recycled plastic raw materials consists of our standard REPRO series and our customized REZYcom series. They enable you to choose according to your needs and wishes. Our experts will help you compare alternatives to find the one that suits your product best.

Our recycled product range

  • The standard REPRO range includes PP, ABS, PA6, PA66 and PC/ABS, which consist of up to 100% recycled plastic. Our REPRO materials are black and always in stock for fast delivery.

  • The customized REZYcom series includes compounds of greater breadth. We develop these compounds together with the customer, and they consist entirely or partly of recycled raw materials. They range from gray to black, and it is also possible to add other colors.

Material support

Area Sales Manager
Product Manager Recycled Materials

We use both industrial recycled plastic (PIR) and consumer recycled plastic (PCR) in our series. We work persistently to ensure supply and check the properties of the high-quality raw product we use in our material. You can contact us at any time during the process toward a customized compound. When you seek our help to find your plastic, we take the end product into account with its requirements profile, environmental impact and any other preferences you may have.

What kind of plastic can I get with recycled raw material?

In principle, you can always get a plastic that works as well as the one you use today when you switch to our recycled materials. Our product range includes PP, ABS, PBT, PA6, PA66 and PC/ ABS as both standard and customized series. The important thing is to make sure the recycled plastic raw material is of high quality.

How does Polykemi ensure raw material of high quality?

When you order material based wholly or partly on recycled raw material, we always produce it according to a well-defined product specification. The specification is your warranty and our tool for ensuring the right properties and quality. We check the quality of both the recycled raw material and finished compound. This provides for good traceability in the production and consistently high quality in your material, every time.

Is recycled plastic more expensive than virgin plastic?

It might well be; everything depends on the specification and properties the recycled compound must fulfill. Economy always forms part of the whole when we analyze and evaluate your alternatives together, before you select the material made wholly or partly from recycled plastic.

Is there enough plastic of my quality?

Compounds based on recycled raw material require availability of high-quality raw material in terms of quantity and duration. We work constantly to secure availability by maintaining good relationships with our suppliers. This means we’re always able to maintain good stocks for fast deliveries of our standard series. When we develop a custom compound, we make sure we can produce it for you over the long term.

Efficient use of resources, over and over again

The spiral economy is here

Smart materials choices allow end-of-life products to be recycled and become something new. Once produced, a component need not necessarily be made into the same thing again, but by recycling the plastic it can be reincarnated as a different product. And so it goes on. We call this the spiral economy.

Sustainable consulting

Our technical advisors help you all the way from concept to a more sustainable product, whether you just want to explore your possibilities, or already know what you need.

Karl Banke
Sustainability Specialist &
Technical Support
Get Materialsmart®

Calculate your environmental impact

The raw material you select accounts for 60–80 percent of your product’s carbon footprint before it reaches the end user. A smart material choice can have a major effect on your overall environmental impact.

Using our Materialsmart® concept, we calculate the carbon footprint of your current material and simulate how much you can reduce it by switching to one of our other materials. Why not try our calculator and compare the most common materials yourself. We can help you analyze your specific material and project.

Existing material




*CO₂e/kg. The figures apply to this particular customer project. We can make a specific calculation for your component.

Raw material

Virgin plastic begins its life-cycle spiral.

Injection molding & production

The compound reaches the next stage of the process where it is molded into the component or end product. It is then passed on to the final production, or the market, for use as long as possible.

Incineration or a new life-cycle spiral

Products that cannot be recycled are collected and incinerated in district heating installations.

Sorting and upgrading

Our subsidiary Rondo Plast gives used products a new life by sorting and preparing the plastic for reuse, as recycled plastic raw material.

Compounds for new life cycles

We produce customized compounds based on virgin plastic, high-quality recycled raw material or a mixture of both. We design your material to meet the demands of quality, function and recyclability.

Aktiva materialval

40 % lägre koldioxidavtryck och  90 liter minskad vattenanvändning

ABB har ersatt materialet i sina röda, gröna, svarta och grå (AP9, AP10 och AP45) kopplingsdosor med Polykemis nya alternativ. Det nya materialet är en sammansättning av återvunnet material, lågemissions- och förstärkningsmaterial. Genom att ersätta materialet i våra kopplingsdosor med Polykemis nya alternativ, minskar de koldioxidavtrycket med hela 40 procent per dosa under produktionen. 

Smarter material choices in design increase the life of all plastics

Let us explain. Different materials based on virgin plastic have different properties that determine the way they can be used again. A well-chosen quality can be reused, but not always for the product initially produced, but to one in an entirely different product segment. The smarter the choice of virgin plastic, the more times we can reuse it. We call this a spiral economy.

Virgin plastic

The first and most important choice in a spiral economy is a recyclable virgin plastic. Correctly used, a well-chosen quality has a long lifespan in a spiral economy.

Production based on virgin plastic

At this stage, smart design is important: to ensure that the composition of various parts and the material can be safely recycled. Products made from virgin plastic could be the grille on a car, a shampoo bottle or food packaging.

Sorting and upgrading

When the products wear out, they are sorted based on material type and quality. Our subsidiary Rondo Plast specializes in material selection, grinding, re-granulation and the compaction of end-of-life products. The upgrading results in consistently high quality and the ability to color the raw material in the next step.

High-quality recycled compounds

The upgraded plastics become our new raw material. We customize the recycled material with reinforcements additives and color, and add virgin plastic if the product require it. Now we have a new, ready-to-use compound based on recycled raw material.

New product based on recycled raw material

A product made from plastic based wholly or partly on recycled material has great potential to possess the same properties and appearance as a product made from a material based on virgin plastic. Plastic based on recycled raw material can be used in the production of for example designer furniture or vacuum cleaners.

Tomra - I en loop av återvunnet material

Volvo Cars - 25 % återvunnet till 2025

Consulting & customizing

Color matching

Color is no longer just for compounds based on virgin plastic. Our access to advanced technical equipment and special skills in color matching and coloring provide great possibilities for supplying your compound in a scale from gray to black or other available colors.

The recycled raw material we use comes from our subsidiary Rondo Plast. Our close collaboration means we have good control of the manufacturing process, allowing us to make sure the material has the properties needed to deliver high-quality compound in the right shade, time and time again.

Colour Technician

We’ll find the right color and shade for you by creating small-scale color profiles and samples in our own laboratory.

A second chance for plastic

Plastic is an incredible raw material. Almost infinitely customizable in function and appearance. But are we really realizing its full potential?

Collected, washed and carefully sorted, even already used plastic is still a largely unexploited resource. With the right knowledge, recyclable plastic is a resource for the economy and a relief for the environment.

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