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Simulation data

Flow simulation data for exporting

Prior to a simulation, we can export the flow simulation data for your material to enable you to perform the simulation yourself and check the values you are especially interested in. The exported data is compatible with the major applications for processing simulation data, including Moldflow and Moldex3D.

No new simulation is required for the most common materials; we have ready-to-use simulation data accessible to our customers.

Talk simulation with us

Get in touch with your personal contact to access existing simulation data or to find out more about what simulation can do for you.

One step ahead with simulation

A simulation provides you with a clear picture of how a plastic material will behave in your particular tools. A simulation at an early stage enables you to adjust both material and tools in good time before you even order your new tools.

Our technicians are highly skilled and have extensive experience of simulations. We also have a certain ability to help you with simulations on demand.

Plastic Applications &
Processing Specialist

“We have an extensive material simulation data bank to provide you with the best possible simulation service.”

Isak Andersson, Polymer Engineer - Technical Support
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