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This Integrity Policy describes how the Polykemi Group (hereinafter referred to as ”Polykemi” or ”The Company”) treats personal data. It is The Company´s goal to follow all at every time valid laws and regulations regarding personal data. The Polykemi Integrity Policy aim to describe how we work to treat your personal data in accordance to the GDPR regulation. The policy describes what data the companies collect, the purpose of the collection, how you can control the usage of your personal data and how you can get in contact with us. Polykemi AB is personal data controller in accordance to these conditions and is responsible to that the treatment is done in accordance to the GDPR regulation. By approving this policy when submitting data, you agree to the handling of your personal data in accordance to this policy.

Below you will find the actions taken to protect your personal data and how you can contact us if you have any questions regarding our treatment of your personal data.

When do we collect personal data? 

Personal data might be collected in relation to the following events:

  • Business deals or orders

  • Financial administration

  • Marketing or sales

  • Recruitment and employment

  • Use of external resourses 

  • Cooperation with occupational health care

  • Visiting of any of the Polykemi Group web pages

  • E-mail

What kind of personal data do we collect?

Personal data include all kinds of information which direct or indirect can be derived to any no living physical person. The information collected and treated includes information that you submit to Polykemi. The information amongst others include:

  • First- and surname

  • Personal identity number

  • Postage address

  • Phone number

  • Address

  • E-mail address

  • Pictures and video

  • Other similar personal data submitted to Polykemi within the framework of the agreement (hereinafter referred to as “personal data”).

Integrity policy

What is our purpose with the treatment and on what legal basis do we treat your personal data?

Polykemi treat your data with the following purpose and on the following legal basis:

Personal data 


Legal basis 

Storage time 

  • First- & Surname

  • Personal identity number

  • E-mail

  • Telephone number

  • Address

  • Account number

  • Employment number

  • Next of kin

Issuing & fulfilling  employment agreements

Fulfillment of the agreement

Until expiration of the employment or according to current prescription regulation and current legislation

Picture and video 

Marketing, for instance publication in social media, web page and in the personell magazine


As long as the consent is not withdrawn

Until the termination of the business relation or according to valid prescription regulation

Balancing of interests 

To send newsletters and other marketing


E-mail, telephone number & position

Contact for orders, transport information and technical support

Fulfillment of the agreement

Until termination of the employment or according to valid prescription regulation

Further treatment and collection of consent

If Polykemi need to treat the personal data in any other purpose than stated above, Polykemi will inform you by updating this Integrity policy. If Polykemi for instance need to treat the personal data for any purpose that according to applicable legislation will need your approval, Polykemi will obtain your consent before such treatment is commenced. Consent to this kind of treatment if completely voluntary.

How do we share the information we have gathered?

Polykemi will submit personal data to third party that Polykemi by legislation is required to submit. Polykemi will also submit information that is necessary to fulfil the business transaction to a third party, for instance to shipping agents.


In addition to what is stated above Polykemi might submit personal data to a third party in order to obey a court order, a government decision or other legal obligations as well as to protect rights, property or to ensure the safety for Polykemi, its group companies or other parties.


Polykemi will always seek to limit the access to personal data as per above as well as only share information reasonably needed for the recipients to fulfill their work or provide their services. Polykemi will also require that the recipients of personal data as per above to (i) protect your personal data in accordance to this policy and applicable law, and (ii) that they do not use or reveal your personal data in any other purpose than the purpose for submitting them the personal data.

Transfer of personal data to third country

Polykemi may transfer personal data to third country (i.e. a country outside of the EU/EES).


You should always feel safe when submitting your personal data to us. Thus Polykemi have established the safety measurements required to protect your personal data against undue access, transformation or erasement. For example, all your personal data are saved in a database protected through authorization control and firewall.


It is important to us that our customers are protected. Even taking into account our precautions for protection of data, no precautions are completely safe which is why we are not able to fully guarantee the safety of your personal data. Should we lose control of your personal data that is of sensitive nature, for example your personal identification number, we will notify you without any delay and at the latest within 72 hours from the time the incident was discovered.

Right to access, correction etc.

You have the right to get notified about what personal data Polykemi treats. You also have the right to get incorrect personal data corrected and to request that Polykemi erase certain of your personal data. Polykemi thus cannot erase personal data if legal reasons for further treatment exists.

Right to make objections

You may at any point in time make objections against the treatment of your personal data based on balance of interests. Polykemi will stop treatment of such personal data after receiving such request unless Polykemi is able to show imperative justifying reasons for continuing to treat the personal data that is of greater importance than your interest of ceasing the treatment or that legal reasons for further treatment exist.

Request and claims

Request to exercise any of the rights stated above should be done to Polykemi. The request should be made in writing, signed by you as applicant and sent to the address stated below. Further you have the right to at any point of time present a claim to Polykemi or to Datainspektionen regarding the Polykemi management of the personal data.

Storage period 

The personal data will be treated and stored by Polykemi during the period needed to fulfill the purposes specified above where after the personal data will be erased. When establishing the period during which your personal data will be stored, Polykemi will especially take into account the requirements of storage times that follow by applicable law, prescription time, authority’s recommendations and general industry practice. Further information regarding the Polykemi treatment of specific personal data is stated in the Polykemi “Archive Policy” which can be found on the Polykemi website.


Polykemi reserves the right to do changes in its Integrity policy at any point of time if the changes can be considered to be needed to fulfill new legal or technical demands. All changes to this Integrity policy will be made public on the Polykemi web site.


A new version of this Integrity policy is valid from the time stated in the new version of the Integrity policy and will be made valid against you when you, after this point of time, use our web site or in any other way approve the updated conditions. The at any point of time valid Integrity policy is available on the website.

Contact details 

Should you have any questions or if anything is not clear in this policy, please contact Polykemi via the mail address or the phone number stated below.


Personal data manager 

Polykemi AB, company registration number 556114-3461


Postal address 

Bronsgatan 8 

271 39 Ystad, Sweden 



+46 411 170 30



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