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We produce locally and deliver globally. Similarly, we work at the local level with quality and sustainability to achieve greater long-term global impact.

We reduce emissions on a daily basis

A major part of our day-to-day work means helping our customers reduce their carbon footprints by choosing plastic materials that generates lowest possible emissions.

Underlying the material calculations that make our emission reduction efforts possible is a comprehensive life cycle assessment (LCA) covering all of our production units. The assessment allows us to calculate how much carbon each of our individual materials emits from extraction until it leaves our factory gates. It’s how we conduct knowledge-based work every day to help our customers reduce their carbon footprints.

Sustainability in three parts

Polykemi sees sustainability as a holistic issue, and in order to contribute across the board, we categorize our work according to ESG into three parts: Environmental stewardship, social responsibility and corporate governance.

Environmental stewardship

Social responsibility

Corporate governance

Environmental stewardship

We seek to be a reliable partner for our customers, a pioneer in our industry and an inspiration for the world at large. This applies equally to our business activities and our work for sustainable development. We evaluate and chart our environmental impact on an ongoing basis, and we work constantly to improve our efforts where we see we can make the biggest changes.

The areas we actively engage in are:

  • Energy use

  • Transportation

  • Recycled/renewable materials

  • Product development

  • Development of production technology

  • Waste and spillage

Sustainability reports

Every year, we compile our sustainability work in a report in which we provide a detailed, up-to-date picture of the situation concerning our work in our active areas. In it, we describe the challenges we face, the progress we’ve made and the initiatives we’re busy with right now.

Environmental policy

Because Polykemi strives to be an environmentally sustainable producer by reducing our overall environmental impact, the entire Polykemi Group works comprehensively and continuously to use energy and resources efficiently.


Strive to develop our own products (plastic raw materials) in order to offer our customers plastic materials with a low carbon footprint.

Strive to reduce our internal climate impact by working constantly on energy efficiency in our production process.

Strive to reduce the use of chemical substances regulated by legislation and ordinances and to use materials that have as low an environmental impact as possible throughout their life cycles.

Strive to reduce our waste and spillage and contribute to recycling and resource efficiency.

Strive to choose the best transportation logistics to reduce CO2e emissions for both external and internal transport.

Environmental certificate ISO 14001 

All production units in the Polykemi Group are environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015.

Social responsibility 

Because we’re convinced that people who feel well, do well, we promote social sustainability as an employer, local entrepreneur and active community stakeholder. We work to strengthen the confidence our employees have in us as an employer, and increase their skills, well-being and pride in Polykemi. We’re aware of the major, important part local communities play in global impact, and have a long tradition of engaging with local community groups and actively seeking local suppliers and partners.

The areas we actively engage in are: 

  • Health and safety 

  • Competence development 

  • Equity and diversity 

  • Social engagement, sponsorship of local associations 

  • Local purchasing and investments

Occupational Health and Safety certificate ISO 45001

Polykemi is certified in accordance with ISO 45001:2018.

Occupational Health and Safety policy

We seek to be a healthy, stimulating workplace characterized by openness, equality and respect.

For us, this means that:

Health and safety forms a natural part of everything we do, and is done in collaboration between the employer, employees and safety representatives.

Managers and supervisors have the right knowledge, skills, resources and authority to work for a good, safe work environment.

All employees receive the introduction and training they need in order to work safely.

In order to take the necessary measures to create a safe, secure workplace, we evaluate and assess risks regularly and whenever there are changes in our physical, organizational or social work environment.

All incidents and accidents that occur are reported and investigated to enable us to take action.

Health and safety factors are always considered in every type of purchase.

We comply with health and safety legislation, and we achieve our health and safety goals.

The areas we actively engage in are:

Reduced handling and exposure to chemicals

Indoor air quality

Less lifting

Management training

Corporate governance

A good business environment and a solid financial foundation are essential if we are to be a reliable supplier, customer, product developer and employer. We strive to achieve a healthy workplace in a healthy industry by maintaining a good company culture in a long-term, responsible business.

The areas we actively engage in are:

  • Financial performance 

  • Customer and supplier relations 

  • Values 

  • Anti-corruption

Quality Policy

Our goal is to always do better. Better for our customers, partners, employees and ourselves. We pursue active quality management in order to constantly advance.

Central to our quality management are:

Clear targets for what our companies must achieve. 

Competent, responsible and committed employees in goal-driven teams that work on constant improvement, both locally and globally. 

A collective quality management system based on solid experience in assuring the quality of our manufacturing processes and end products. 

Day-to-day work that is characterized by the desire to meet our customers' demands and expectations and to develop constantly.

Quality Management certificate ISO 9001 

All production units in the Polykemi Group are quality certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

Code of Conduct

Every change begins with a first step. We believe workplace culture plays an essential part in developing as a business and contributing to the development of individuals. We make sure our business is characterized by social responsibility and has a positive impact by applying our Code of Conduct.

Our Code of Conduct is based on five values. Our values tell us how to approach each other in order to create a safe work environment where everyone has the freedom to develop and be the best associate he or she can be.

Our values are:






Q&E Coordinator
Chief Quality & Environmental Officer

Contact us

If you have any questions about our current sustainability work or are looking for earlier reports, feel free to contact us.

Whistleblower function

Our whistleblower function exists to provide individuals in the immediate workplace vicinity with a channel to report serious misconduct and legal violations to protect both people and operations. Employees, volunteers, interns, consultants, and shareholders can utilize this function without fear of reprisal.

An employee who reports serious misconduct or deficiencies within our operations in good faith should feel secure in the knowledge that there will be no negative consequences for providing this information. 

You can inform your immediate supervisor, HR manager, or your union representative about deficiencies and irregularities.


For serious misconduct and legal violations, you can either inform your immediate supervisor, HR manager, or your union representative, or you can use our anonymous whistleblower function.


You can use the whistleblower via email at In the email function, you can remain anonymous if you wish. 

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