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About Polykemi

Polykemi develops and produces customized plastic compounds to satisfy the market’s demand for high quality end products.

Our products

We produce and customize plastic compounds according to the customer’s end product requirements profile. Our compounds are based on high quality virgin and recycled raw materials, customized with relevant reinforcing agents and additives.

Our focus

We’re passionate about providing our customers with the best possible material solutions according to their needs. We are particularly skilled in color matching, technical consultation and material development and evaluation, all centered around environmental impact. We value working closely with our customers, and we focus on understanding, reliability, frequent contacts and win-win solutions to ensure a good partnership.

Our market

We have five production units on three continents and we deliver worldwide. Our market has grown organically from Scandinavia to include Europe and the world.

Europe – two production units in Ystad, Sweden.

North, South and Central America – one production unit in Gastonia, North Carolina, USA.

Asia and Australia – two production unitsin China; one in Kunshan and another in Chongqing.

Ystad, Sweden 

Kunshan, China

Chongqing, China

Gastonia, NC, USA 

A family-owned business

Polykemi process 70-talet

Knowledge of every part of the production process is the key to a quality product. Seen here with the help of our founder's illustration from the 1970s.

Polykemi was founded in 1968 by Hugo Jönsson, who later passed ownership on to his children and subsequently his grandchildren. As a family-owned company, we value our independence, flexibility and the ability to provide a personal touch.

From small beginnings in Ystad in southern Sweden, Polykemi has grown year by year, to become a group of ten companies today. The head office with all of its overall functions is still located in Ystad, where it all began.

The journey to the present day involved many challenges and successes, always handled by committed employees and their unconventional ideas.

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Our management team

Polykemi’s management team is composed of people with extensive knowledge and experience in our line of business. They engages with our objectives as a company and as an employer. Its principal function is to make sure we advance in accordance with our long-term strategy.

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