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We like to thank the advance of technology for our success, or 30 percent of it. We thank our employees, their commitment and ideas for the remaining 70 percent. It’s something we stand by.

At Polykemi, you get to contribute your expertise locally within a global company. While you’ll be working toward common goals together with colleagues, you’ll also have the opportunity to develop as an individual.

Our values

With us, you’ll be part of a business that constantly seeks to be better; better as an innovator, a supplier and as a workplace. We work resolutely under a concept we call "Golden Globe" – a strategy that includes goals and approaches that will lead us toward greater success. The determination to constantly improve characterizes our entire business.

We achieve our ambition of improving as individuals and as a company by living up to our five business values of professionalism, responsibility, interactivity, respect and honesty on a daily basis.


We always look to the best interests of the customer. Also, we are always cost-conscious concerning the company’s common resources.


We take responsibility and trust our colleagues to do so too. Delegating responsibility is as natural as having the room to stretch your wings in new situations.


We strive to interact with each other, our customers and suppliers in the best possible way. We see the big picture, are down-to-earth and speak up when necessary.


We show respect for each other, for the company and its strategies. In this way, we achieve our shared goals. We naturally assume everyone means well, wants to grow and seeks success for the company.


We are honest, speak up when necessary and are ready to reconsider decisions. We are attentive and constructive without beating around the bush.

We are



Finance and administration

Matilda Holm

Matilda’s main tasks are accounting, reporting and support to the HR department. Matilda is the person who greets you in reception at our head office in Ystad, and she’s the one you speak to when you call us.


Andreas Persson

In his day-to-day work, Andreas’ goals are efficient transportation and smooth deliveries. Andreas is the guy who plans our logistics, books transportation and makes sure goods arrive at the right place and at the right time.


Anette Munch Elmér

Anette is responsible for analysis, improvements and the development of new materials at Polykemi. She investigates whether it’s more effective to modify an existing material or develop a new one, all according to the customer’s wishes.


Nils Håkansson

Nils’s job is to make sure we have goods in stock and the right raw materials. Creating and maintaining good relations with our suppliers are a central part of his job, as are setting requirements and negotiations in order to assure quality and delivery to our customers.

Sales support

Ingela Johansson

When a transaction is in progress or a project has begun, Ingela is there to assist our customers and sales staff with the administration. She confirms orders and lead times and makes sure our customers get the right material at the right time.

Color technology

Johnny Lindén

Johnny’s job includes finding out which shades are relevant, based on the customer's color requirements. He produces color samples for the customer, and color recipes for our production. When our customers want to talk color, Johnny’s their guy.

A kind of working family

Polykemi is and always has been a family business. Our origin has served us well, and we want it to go on creating a sense of togetherness in our company.

In order for our employees to feel they are part of one big family, we strive to achieve well-being both inside and outside working hours. We always work to provide a great work environment and the best development opportunities for our employees. We often arrange various types of social gatherings and activities to encourage employees to get to know each other better outside working hours.

Ola Hugoson, Managing Director - Polykemi Group

Job openings

Here you can see the positions we are seeking new colleagues for! Can't find a suitable role right now? Don't worry – we gladly welcome spontaneous applications at We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team.

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Work at Polykemi

Become part of our team - completely spontaneous

Send your résumé with a covering letter to and tell us how you would like to help us, and we’ll get in touch. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Job openings

Unfortunately, we don't have any open positions right now, but our industry is constantly evolving and the dynamic environment is constantly creating new opportunities. Who knows, we might just be about to post your dream job? Send us your spontaneous application below - we are always eager to meet talented people.

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