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Opening ceremony for Polykemi Chongqing in China

Updated: May 2

The new production site in Chongqing, China has been inaugurated with a grand opening ceremony that truly represented one of the Polykemi value words; World Class.

In the early summer, the opening ceremony of Polykemi Chongqing was held in the district of Jiangjin. The ceremony was attended by members and guests from different parties and committees of the Jiangjin District, managers and employees of Polykemi China as well as representatives of the Polykemi Headquarters in Ystad.

The opening ceremony consisted of several speeches, the celebratory ribbon cutting ceremony and both modern and traditional Chinese entertainment. The guests were taken on a guided tour of the new factory, and was then served a large buffet of both Swedish and Chinese dishes.

Gustav Hugoson and Herman Hugosson from Polykemi Headquarters and owner family.

Magnus Lindahl, General Manager of Polykemi Asia Pacific.

The representatives of the Polykemi Headquarters in Ystad were Gustav Hugoson and Herman Hugosson from the third generation of owners of the family business. They made a speech where they thanked the Chinese management team and all employees for their hard work and well executed project.

“Polykemi China made the long-term planning for investment in Chongqing more than ten years ago. The dream of producing Polykemi material and to contribute to the economic development has come true today in such important region of Southwest China,” said Gustav Hugoson in the joint speech.

Magnus Lindahl, General Manager of Polykemi Asia Pacific, made a speech where he thanked the Jiangjin District and Shuangfu Industrial Park for their cooperation and fully support in the project. He also spoke about the strategic development of Polykemi Group in China.

“Since entering the Chinese market in 2005, Polykemi Group has maintained continuous and stable growth and profitability, and the sales business in Chongqing has been very successful. We will continue the great work here to create a prosperous and bright future together,” said Magnus Lindahl in his speech.

The invited guests at the opening ceremony consisted of Polykemi employees and stakeholders from the Jiangjin District.

Local service for the southwest customers

The Polykemi Chongqing office was founded already in 2010 to develop business in southwest of China. After more than 10 years development, it has achieved a good reputation of the major industrial fields in Chongqing and the nearby city of Chengdu, especially in automobile and general machinery industry. New projects and customers’ demands continue to rise in the southwest region.

“We have cooperated with some automotive customers for more than a decade. Their development has contributed to an increased industry for automotive parts in the surrounding areas. With this second factory, we can now meet the demands and provide localized services for customers in southwest China,” concludes Lindahl.


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