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Welcome to our new website!

Our new, improved website is live!

We are excited to finally showcase the result of our extensive efforts to renew our website. Over the past few months, we have been developing content and updating our visual expression, resulting in a new digital platform focused on user-friendliness and accessibility – along with graphics that reflect Polykemi’s personality.

This, together with this year's exhibitions, marks the first major steps toward our new visual identity. Polykemi's founder Hugo always said "if you stop getting better, you stop being good", which also applies to our efforts to constantly renew and improve our brand.

We hope you will enjoy our upgraded digital home as much as we do!


Take a look at some highlights!

Virgin compounds

Let your end product dictate the requirements of the plastic, and together we’ll find the materials for you. With us, you can customize what you need to get precisely the material you need.


Innovation and development

Curiosity when pushing boundaries is an essential driving force. A profound understanding of materials science is crucial. We’re driven by developing materials together with our customers.


Our history

Hugo started Polykemi on March 1, 1968. For over 55 years, we have been developing and producing customized plastic compounds, and the journey has had its ups and downs.


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